Jl.Danau Poso No.22
Sanur Denpasar - Bali
80228 Indonesia
+62 361 285 211
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About Us

Who We Are

CARLO has been designing and making original furniture, interior fittings and accessories for over 25 years. The company is renowned for materials innovation. In the 1980s, founder and creative director Carlo Pessina pioneered the use of coconut shell in furniture design, starting an international trend and influencing a generation of designers.

Today Pessina, a native of Italy’s fashion capital Milan and long-term Bali resident, directs an international team of designers, craftspeople and project managers, who provide both professional and private clients a seamless journey from project concept to completion. Drawing on the innate beauty of coconut shell, mother-of-pearl, tree bark and other natural materials from Indonesia, CARLO is know for its daring contemporary furniture designs, and its elegant collections grace the world’s most refined residences while attracting industry honors and awards.


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